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How to Find Generic Name

There are several ways to find the generic name for your medicine.

1. The easiest way is to look on the packaging of the medicine your are taking. Check the example below.  Be careful to check the GENERIC NAME  and the STRENGTH - many medicines come in a number of strengths. Sometimes a medicine has more than one active component.

Description: brand.generic name

In the above example - The Brand Name is Benadryl and the Generic Name is: Diphenhydramine HCl. The strength is 25mg.

Here is another example:


Brand Name is Capeguard-500 made by Cipla. Generic Name is Capecitabine Tablets. The strength is 500

Here is an example of a Medicine which has a combination of drugs:

In the above picture GLIMP-MP2 (Brand Name) has THREE different ingredients: Glimepride 2mg + Pioglitazone 15mg + Metformin 500mg.  It is a substitute for GLYCYPHAGE PG2. It is important to make sure that the substitute you choose has EXACTLY the same drugs in the SAME amounts.

2. If you don't have the packaging, try Googling the Brand name. This will usually give you the Generic Name. If this doesn't work go to step 3.

3. Try one of the websites - check the Links http://lifemedico.webgarden.com/life-medico/links page

4. Once you have the Generic Name, search for it in our Generic List at http://lifemedico.webgarden.com/life-medico/our-generic-medicines. Use the CTRL-F search facility if necessary. If you find an exact match (Name and Strength), you will see the Name, Medicine No and Price per strip.
Or visit this link or this one